About Long Island Premier

Dear LIPFC Families and Friends,

It is my pleasure to welcome our soccer family to the Long Island Premier FC website. The idea of our website is to provide more information to the LIPFC families and the public.

Soccer is a players’ game where players must be considered first when all political, administrative and coaching decisions are made. This is the theme that should be understood by all our members and that is vital to the success of our club.

From the beginning I have worked with members of the club including players, parents, managers and coaches.I share their enthusiasm, dedication and quality and we are excited about our future. Long Island Premier FC is very competitive, Therefore, it is not an unrealistic goal for us to become not only THE best on Long Island, but one of the most successful clubs in New York and why not The United States. To reach that goal, we must continue to work hard and strive for excellence.

Development (improvement) takes place when players have the opportunity to compete with and against their peers on a regular basis. Therefore, it is our aim to continue to create a competitive environment for our players in training and at games, and to challenge them at the highest level possible. It is our hope, hard work and dedication that the outcome will provide great enjoyment and a long lasting love for the game.

Soccer is a beautiful, simple game with very few rules. It is also a game that requires skill, imagination, creativity and decision-making. All of us share the responsibility to enhance those elements in our players through support and positive encouragement.

We have an excellent coaching staff. It is a pleasure working with them to help our players aspire to the best and highest level of play.

It is also an amazing feeling to see you at training and on the fields of play.


Elvin Vasquez

President / Head Coach


Who we are,

Long Island premier FC was established in the summer of 2014 with the mission to bring top selective training to players who love the game. Our mission is not to win at any cost, Our mission is to teach and develop our players to their full potential, Finding training methods that will make our players better each and every time we walk onto the field. Winning is always good but not at the cost of their development. 

LIPFC Player are the center of our program, nothing is done without making sure everything we do will benefit our players. Our mission is to the have our players compete at the highest level by taking them step by step without rushing their development. 

A soccer player is not developed over night, It’s a long process which takes hard work, dedication, training, discipline, respect and love for the game.


Our Mission,

LIPFC goals since its first day 2014, is to provide excellence, leadership to the soccer community in Long Island.

LIPFC was formed in 2014 to bring select soccer to the youth of Long Island. Our mission was simple - to teach skills and develop players. What started out as a small venture has been growing into a strong and vibrant club.

LIPFC seeks to develop competitive players to compete at their highest possible level of play. Our players have a passion for the sport and willingness to work hard to improve their skills and game. Players will gain friendships with others with a similar love for the game, develop a strong work ethic, and learn the values of team sport and club membership.

LIPFC programs run all year round, with the first 2 weeks of July off after our Spring season, also Christmas week and New year’s week off, after our break all players are to come back to training and if not, please provide reason why not to be present. We understand that families do go away on vacation and we are always expecting 100% of our players to come back season after season.

Practice locations will vary, Teams practice 3 times a week, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We believe that being a part of LIPFC is a valuable life experience. Participation does require a COMMITMENT from both the player and family to make this club work. But the REWARDS can be considerable. Your player will develop amazing skills, develop a strong work ethic, form lasting friendships (for both the players AND parents alike), and hopefully gain a lifelong passion for the game.


Our Staff,

This is made up of a very small group of people who played have knowledge of the game. It is to LIPFC very important to have soccer people involved in every aspect of the club, this makes it easier to understand that our focus is the development of our players, no exceptions


Our Coaches,

LIPFC select it’s coaches making sure they are the right fit for our philosophy. Each coach needs to understand and adapt to our philosophy, since this club was formed to have an identity of how we play. Our coaches are paid and are people who played and know the game since a very young age. We do not hire coaches without knowledge of the game. Our coaches love to be around our players, they do make sure players development comes before anything else. We hire coaches who know it’s not about them, they know LIPFC is about the players. our players make LIPFC.

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