Dear LIPFC Families and Friends,

It is my pleasure to welcome our soccer families to the Long Island Premier FC website. The idea of our website is to provide more information to the LIPFC families and the public.

Soccer is a player's game where players must be considered first when all political, administrative and coaching decisions are made. This is the theme that should be understood by all our members and that is vital to the success of our players and club.

From the beginning I have worked with members of the club including players, parents, managers and coaches.I share their enthusiasm, dedication and quality and we are excited about our future. Long Island Premier FC is very competitive, Therefore, it is not an unrealistic goal for us to become not only THE best on Long Island, but one of the most successful clubs in New York and why not The United States. To reach that goal, we must continue to work hard, have your support and strive for excellence.

Development (improvement) takes place when players have the opportunity to compete with and against their peers on a regular basis. Therefore, it is our aim to continue to create a competitive environment for our players in training and at games, and to challenge them at the highest level possible. It is our hope, hard work and dedication that the outcome will provide great enjoyment and a long lasting love for the game.

Soccer is a beautiful, simple game with very few rules. It is also a game that requires skill, imagination, creativity and decision-making. All of us share the responsibility to enhance those elements in our players through support and positive encouragement.

We have an excellent coaching staff. It is a pleasure working with them to help our players aspire to the best and highest level of play.

It is also an amazing feeling to see you at training and on the fields of play. 




Elvin Vasquez 

President / Head Coach

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