LIPFC tryouts are supervised by each team’s coach, but players are also evaluated by the DOC. our tryouts are different from others. LIPFC does not only look for the best players, We are looking for players that have the potential to become great players. A player may not be the best, but if we see potential that we could work with we will definitely keep and work to make them better soccer players. Therefore, we ask everyone who comes to our tryouts to come with the confidence that even if your child is not the best on the field that he or she has a great possibility to make one of our teams.

LIPFC also understands that most players will not show their full potential in the first or second tryout as the boys will be around new players and it usually takes a little extra time around new players, for that reason we give a minimum of 2 weeks for a player to show their potential. With that said, we welcome every player as if they have been a part of LIPFC for a long time.

LIPFC will give your player or players the opportunity to tryout at any time of the year to become part of this vibrant and growing program. We are not only looking for the best players out there, We look for potential future players who at a young age may not be the best, but could end up being the best players out there.

LIPFC does NOT charge for tryouts indoor or outdoors. Tryouts are FREE.

Do not bring a ball, LIPFC provides them. All we ask is to come ready and prepared.

We ask everyone to email us your registration for our TRYOUTS only if you are 100% your child will attend.

Players Name, DOB, Age.


Tryout schedule:

Outdoor: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays




LIPFC 2009 - 2011: We accept all players in this birth years. We believe we can build and develop them into good soccer players. Very importan age groups for LIPFC