Parents and Players


From the beginning LIPFC has proved that we work hard to come up with ways to improve our players level of playing not only as team players, but also as individual players. We do not take away players individualities we teach them when and where it should be used, as it is very important for a player to be able to take on players and be as effective as possible. It is our job and goal to strengthen all aspects of our players, weaknesses and strength. 

We do not focus in winning, we focus in our players development. Keep in mind for a player to develop it takes time, it is a long process and development should never be rushed. Winning comes with time and hard work.

Our philosophy it’s not negociable or up for discussion. Possession of the game and ball is what we always aim for, team work, but also have our individualities shine as well. Individualities coming together as a team our ten times stronger.

We are very serious about our training, all our players learn to train hard to improve, but we never forget that soccer is a fun sport and you play your best when you are enjoying it. 

LIPFC is not only a youth club, We treat every member as family, Players, parents and siblings. We aim to be an extended family and have everyone feel at home.

We work hard to earn everyones trust and we guarantee you will not make a mistake by choosing Long Island Premier FC. We are truly a Soccer club surrounded by young soccer players. 

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